“Data quality has been voted among the top three problems for BI software users every year since the first issue of The BI Survey back in 2002.”

The importance of Data Quality and Master Data Management is very clear: people can only make the right data-driven decisions if the data they use is correct. Without sufficient data quality, data is practically useless and also dangerous at times.
Learn practical approaches and success stories for starting and attaining maturity for your data governance and information quality program. The summit is thought-provoking, has many cross-pollination points and has alignment of disciplines. It will help you develop a complete data strategy with supporting technology capabilities.

Learning Outcomes:

More digital transformation programs get their direction from the MDM & Data Governance Summit than anywhere else. Sharpen your data governance skills and take your game to the next level by attending The 2nd Annual Data Governance Summit 2019

Attain data governance maturity and learn how to address and improve your organization’s information quality

Understand and solve modern data management business and IT issues. This summit provides the necessary strategic insight and tactical best practices

Provides a mixture of leading industry analyst trend perspectives, a wide and large array of use cases, market-leading issue-specific sessions and best practice discussions

Explore how data governance deliver successful business outcomes in today's world of data-driven digital transformation

Keep yourself ahead in an ever-changing industry and position your program for success by covering all levels of MDM and DG implementation

This program has been researched and organized for senior leadership team who want to learn the critical concepts and would like to develop a better and effective approach to govern data, including


Chief Data Officer


Chief Information Officer


Chief Technology Officer


VP Data Management


VP Data Quality


VP Data Governance


VP Analaytics


Data Quality Heads


Data Governance Heads


Data Management Heads


Analytics Heads

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